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Galaxy S21 Ultra - YES, FINALLY

So today we have a lot of news for samsung galaxy s21 we have a lot of confirmation that the official launch is very close we have revealed that s21 has been featured in new news of wireless earbuds translation coming for free so refore the first announcement of the announcement of replacement 3d advanced camera before to get started but please just like ” as a video if you are a samsung fan and let me know in the comments.

which device you are viewing today’s video but the main story of the day comes from Jon prosser who posted online release date and pre-order samsung galaxy s21 tells us that we will be getting s21 plus s21 and s21 ultra on the same day and usually ” this usually happens on January 14 which is pre-orders and will open on the 14th with a series to be launched on 29 k January also gives us color options in her tweet.

but this was weak in more details by ross young and advised that we will get galaxy s21 in gray pink violet and white we get s21 plus black or silver and s21 ultra in black silver or violet and because the details from these two we know the launch is approaching very quickly because the galaxy s21 series has received its nfc certificate which takes place next to the official announcement next we have news that wireless buds are coming free within the galaxy s21 installation now.

we usually get i Previous order to deal with this but a Korean book called top daily reported that samsung could install new galaxy buds inside the s21 package and this would also make it possible for the wireless cable market to gain momentum now while this could be a little hopeful of expecting something more expensive  inside pack properly the price of samsung cost is actually much lower than sales.

i just don’t see this as the way we expect wi red earphones to get away from the box and actually expect some pre-order agreements with these wireless layers to be installed next we have news of camera replacement 3d flight time from samsung and it is not surprising that it is in the background Note that samsung may have abandoned 3d camera technology but their recently announced eye cell 33d shows that they are back with great.

samsung improvements they say their new 3 3d camera offers a photography experience high quality or vr experience and like 3d and bokeh effects the new camera can track objects at 120 frames per second up to 5 meters from low latency tracking and low power requires man eat 200 milliwatts of assisted autofocus and 400 m in this continuous follow-up sensor can be used for real face protection and allow them to compete with apple face it is not yet clear whether this was done during the galaxy s21 series or hopefully otherwise.

we will have to wait more releases so it looks like the galaxy s21 series will be amazing for our order to release specs and now even release dates for those who need more information on specs and style for the whole range ‘we will use it all now for my regular viewers you guys would you’ve already seen this so just skip to the next video .

but if you’re new here don’t forget to hit the subscription and we’ll get into it first I found the galaxy s21 is the smallest in range and actually the standard entry model comes with a powerful 6.2 inch display The expected resolution of 3200 this gives us 563 pixels per inch and actually comes with a fingerprint scanner it will be a 120 Hz display with hdr 10 plus but we are not sure if it will go 120 Hz with a quad hd plus solution or if they are going to limit this up to 60 Hz and we get a fist or selfie camera in the middle of the center so the details are not leaked yet.

but I expect a 10 or 12 megapixel sensor almost like the one that preceded the phone to be | | will be powered by five nanometer snapdragon 875 within the snapdragon regions and that we now believe that the exynos chipset will be called exynos 2100 both versions will be available will be compatible with 5g we are expecting the same ram processing and preservation -8 ram with 128 storage and we expect microsd support to actually be sent via android 11 and after we have a new camera setup three times for direct alignment.

now we won’t consider sensors until we have solid evidence but expect a good ultrawide during telephoto battery capacity is hours 4,000 milliamp and will support wireless charging and wireless switch we do not have details on certain fast charging numbers yet but it will be at least 25 watts next we have a s21 plus galaxy and this is usually in the middle of the device range but we found kup hela small details so far galaxy s21 plus reportedly comes with a 6.8 inch quad hd and amoled display like standard s21 will be a flat display but the solution remains unconfirmed waiting for snapdragon 875 .

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so refore refore of the exynos chipset rumored to be exynos 2100 reportedly getting 64 megapixel 10 wide Megapixel main and 10 megapixel ultrawide which gives us a triple camera setting in the back and the selfie camera remains anonymous but as soon as we get more details I will update finally we have the galaxy s21 ultra and this is it the largest in the range and the most premium model the galaxy s21 ultra comes with 6.9 The expected dynamic inch display is expected to come with a resolution of 1440 by 3200 giving 511 Pixels per inch and will have a fingerprint display displayed at 120hz display and unlike the two smaller models the galaxy s21 ultra will have a curved display at the moment at the time.

we do not know if it will support 120 Hz and quad hd plus resolution either if they are going to use the same limits we will shoot our selfie camera at the top and the details have not been leaked yet but I would expect a great sensor as a precursor had 40 megapixels the phone will be powered by snapdragon 875 in snapdragon regions and 2100 exynos worldwide in both versions and will be compatible with 5g.

we expect the same ram and pre-storage storage so this will be 12 gig ram or more per 128 storage with microsd support and will be shipped again with android 11. background is brand new the quad camera setup in this small alignment and we will never guess again with the sensors until we get solid evidence but expect a wide range of tabs and looks it is possible that the main camera will be 108 megapixel hm2 and as it has only told us.

Galaxy S21 Ultra - YES, FINALLY

that we are getting it another sensor over the quad camera set while unknown I believe it could be a timer A battery capacity of 5,000 milliamp airplanes in it supports wireless and wireless converter it charges and it will be at least 25 watts on every galaxy s 21 it looks good a smartphone but we have to face the facts no major changes or new things from the previous one will be slightly improved with a hardware with a more refined look but overall the same device.

when it comes to price nothing has been disclosed yet so we can only make assumptions based on them the previous release which was at a very high level if we put about fifty dollars in each of us You can expect the galaxy s21 to be a thousand to one thousand and fifty dollars s21 plusto about 1200 to 1250 and s21 ultra to about 1,400 or 1,450 now don’t worryas these are just my estimates but as soon as we get the leak I will share it immediatelyso that’s what’s for today’s video but as always I’d like to know your thoughts on the comments so who is there waiting for the galaxy s21 and in that case expect a model if not what are you waiting for on the phone but thank you for reading the article if you liked it hit a thumbs up and I’ll see you next time.

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