Inside The $5 Billion Apple Headquarters

Inside The $5 Billion Apple Headquarters

Inside The $5 billon apple headquarters |what looks like a big boat set up in the green flats of cupertino california is a new hq of tech giant aptly named apple park this amazing building with hectares of land and can be just one of the most beautiful campuses in the world despite its amazing future look apple park be it is an extended period in the construction of Steve’s works for the first time announcing the project back in 2006.

It took eight years to propose proposals and permits, but by 2014 construction was underway and by 2017 many Apple workers were already entering the large ring-shaped building that is now a trademark of Apple and could be a good commitment to the company’s commitment to sustainable design.

then the future of technology was initially thought that the compass would cost only half a billion dollars to consolidate but the world alone cost $ 160 million and th Costs quickly began to exceed in 2011 the situ budget was doubled to less than 3 billion and while everything was said and done apples were looking at a debt close to 5.

the $ 5 billion build could be a huge sum of money for any company that allows any company other than an apple currently worth $ 2 billion and is estimated to be worth about $ 60 billion above this year alone so why spend that money and what it does apple park is beautiful The campus is made up of many buildings but 80 percent of the world is still considered a green apple space and the designers are making many efforts to make the park more environmentally friendly for more than 9,000 drought-resistant trees for all reasons including cherry apricot olive and there are a few varieties of apples to encourage employees to take care of a healthy lifestyle 3.2 km of yards with a variety of walking and trails such as 1,000 bicycles whi ch will be used for Some of the health facilities include a gymnasium and a few basketball courts.

Inside The $5 Billion Apple Headquarters

There is also a large two-story yoga studio where desk tables can reduce and relieve their back pain that the campus takes care of its staff so the environment and all buildings are wonderfully friendly and construction. rings home to one of the world’s largest solar farms on a solar-powered roof generates up to 17 megawatts enough to meet 75% of the campus energy needed at peak time all campus needs are met with petrol fuel cells supported by biofuel or natural gas main building which means you do not use traditional heating and cooling methods. nine months of the year furthering the green definitions of spaceship or ring in a central circular building is the idea of ​​sitting on four legends over 1.2 million square meters office space and room enough to accommodate up to 12,000 workers to bring the interior space into the building.

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The construction therefore includes the most important curved glass inland than the 800 curved glass panels around the outside of the building and the 3,000 small panels found inside the low-energy sun and the large number of visual aids that make the spacecraft wonderfully bright. that it is good to keep about 12,000 employees feeling empowered throughout their long working days even though they are hidden from view.

Inside The $5 Billion Apple Headquarters

an amazing spacecraft happens to be found deep underground The ring is one of the few buildings in the US and around the world that will use the private spacecraft that protects the ring even in the worst earthquakes in California The olation system is built from 692 large metal plates that allow the structure to move to the feet four in any designated way without causing damage to the building and found underground is a wide parking lot and a completely hidden road network at the site that lays these facilities Underground was a perfect need to maximize green space inside and around the apple park some features found around the campus include seven large scattered restaurants at three levels with enough seats for 3 thousand people a large food group says enough capacity to feed people they are fifteen thousand every lunch time so there is a growing room if apple decides to increase its already large staff and even in the park areas that the inspiring apple hall formerly called the stage sports station round glass building mirrors a spacecraft in its shape and has a large wire carbon offset roof Theater includes a 42-meter high elevator that takes guests underground to a 1000-seat glass-lined glass hall The elevator is also considered to be the world’s most independent glass elevator.

Some of the park’s dotted facilities are two hundred thousand two hundred thousand -300,000 sq ft for research and development a care clinic and visitor center which is the only building within the park The ashes that can be visited without a pass The apple park tourist center is all under one roof but is divided into four very special ten-foot apple store full of the latest 2,000-meter apple products and a two-meter cafe

which is a place to look around the campus and designated meeting place. scale scale throughout apple park giving guests a view of the employer life on campus apple park is full of amazing features and more resources than any other workplace in the world apple has considered everything from its natural limits to the end its employees are full of food and artistic entertainment there have been a few complaints about open office spaces the future is very well received and sets a new world standard for how truly the work environment can be truly amazing .

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