iPhone 12 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra – Speed Test

iPhone 12 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra - Speed Test

iPhone 12 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra – Speed Test |what’s up guys and welcome to a speed test comparison between the samsung galaxy note 20 ultra 5g versus the iphone 12 pro 5g the apple a14 chip is basically fast really efficient but how does that really translate into real world we’re gonna find that call at this video consistent with apple the a14 chip is 50 faster than the competition and in fact i feel they definitely compared their chip to absolutely the verse flagship ship of the year the exodus 990 but fear not this is often absolutely the elite level note 20 ultra with the snapregan 865 plus chip it’s got 12 gigs of ram along side 512 gigabyte of fast storage as for the iphone 12 pro the internals are almost like the professional max so a14 chip with six gigs of ram and this model is that the absolute maxed out one which is coming with 512 gb internal storage now as always we’re gonna kick things off by booting up both phones at an equivalent time here.

we go and uh as you’ll see the note 20 ultra logo came up way too quicker let’s examine if it actually boots up or not the note 20 ultra is rocking the android 10 based one ui 2.5 and whoa therefore the iphone 12 pro is quicker with the boot up about two three second difference there okay both phones are in position for the apps opening test once more apple is rocking that phenomenal nosh design from 2017. on the opposite hand samsung went next level with their punch hole design now before i begin i’m getting to quickly attend the geekbench 5 application and run a cpu benchmark on both of those two devices at an equivalent time just to point out you guys numbers uh.

where we add when it involves the multi-core and single core performance so here are the scores and even in comparison to the simplest note on the ultra the iphone 12 pro is in its own league okay let’s get right down to the app’s opening test as always starting with the fundamentals first first up we’ve phone dialer and you’ll see about an equivalent on both phones uh both phones have really fluid animations and in fact samsung has 120hz refresh rate that basically does help tons in terms of smoothness finding out settings and that is about an equivalent on both phones time to launch some third-party applications starting with spotify that’s uh faster on the samsung galaxy note 20 ultra next .

we’ve alto game and this is often often often where we will see some dominance from a14 but looks like the galaxy note 20 ultra is simply blazing through this application obviously it might be due to optimization and other things a14 remains a reasonably new chip quora that’s slightly quicker on the galaxy note 20 ultra uh once more once we scroll on both phones it definitely is smoother on the galaxy note on the ultra because of 120hz refresh rate it’s only noticeable once you even have the phone side by side most apple fans do not know this sense because they haven’t used any iphone with 120hz because there’s no iphone with 120hz but definitely that’s a plus point with the note on the ultra moving on to reddit let’s examine this one is once more slightly quicker on the galaxy note 20 ultra so thus far note 20 ultra is really taking the complete points here next on the list may be a sphalt 9 this is an enormous game we’ve big free game that i really like to play and like to test out and let’s examine apple a14 chip already on the loading screen can it actually beat samsung or not both phones are still taking a while and therefore the note 20 ultra is completed okay so still the note 20 ultra is keeping its lead it’s quite sad i wish all note 20 ultra models were this good but in fact there are uh models out there with the exynos 990 chip let’s examine.

 which one loads the in-game stage faster and uh with great care you recognize both phones are fully optimized to run this game at 60 frames per second and a bit like that the note 20 ultra is quicker uh once more this is a same stage that i launched on both phones i definitely need to say the a14 is a new chip which will get its uh optimization better within the future but obviously looking absolutely stunning on both phones super high graphics but obviously note wins in both loading times of the asphalt 9. next up we’ve instagram and a touch of a special feed i feel the iphone was a touch quicker with its loading time again you guys are the judge here launching my profile that was faster on the iphone now.

let’s plow ahead and launch the instagram camera that felt about an equivalent on both phones okay the iphone could be slightly quicker but uh definitely this wont to be a touch slower on samsung phones uh this is often often often often definitely looking faster now on the note 20 ultra twitter and uh really really quick on both phones i feel samsung was a touch quicker once more scrolling around color switch and uh faster on the iphone and next up we’ve pubg mobile one among absolutely the famous games out there highly requested to check this out are going to be.


 ” i will be doing a separate video playing this game in my future gaming comparison but you’ll see the note 20 ultra was slightly slower in loading up this compared to the a14 powered iphone 12 pro alright notre dame ultra is completed now i’m just gonna quickly show you guys the settings on both phones now as you’ll see both phones can run this game on full ultra hd setting along side the ultra extreme uh frame rate option this is something that the exynos note 20 ultra cannot do uh is that the “> that’s the as you get with the qualcomm model.

that is toe-to-toe with the a14 iphone 12 pro i’m just gonna set this okay now if i move around both phones are looking pretty smooth the iphone is certainly running it at 60 frames per second and same thing with the galaxy note 20 ultra looking really really smooth on both phones one among absolutely the best devices to play pubg again i’m talking about the qualcomm note 20 ultra looking really specialized great optimization we’re just gonna leave this here and launch some few more applications now time for a few video rendering i’m gonna be using the adobe rush application on both phones here.

we go and uh let’s load an equivalent untitled project time to export this at an equivalent time here we go and uh check out “> let’s examine which one does it faster and uh seems like apple as always is gonna blaze through the loading time look at that speed the a14 may be a beast when it involves rendering image rendering or video rendering apple is the king of it uh you’ll see what a drastic difference compared to qualcomm in fact this is an equivalent chip that apple will be using in its uh macbooks and other stuff so definitely this is a reasonably specialty okay so note 20 ultra is completed also took around 20 more seconds compared to the iphone now last but not the smallest amount.

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 we’ve camera on both phones at an equivalent time definitely quicker on the iphone 12 pro now time for a fast browsing test so i’m just gonna be quickly searching this on google and let’s launch this website at an equivalent time on both phones definitely quicker okay yeah definitely quicker on the galaxy note 20 ultra once more scrolling looks really really smooth on both phones but 120 hertz on the note and 60hz on the iphone gsm arena.com and uh slightly quicker on the note 20 ultra and last but not least we’re gonna be launching wikipedia.org on both phones and once more slightly quicker on the note 20 ultra finally it is time for ram management we’ve 12 gigs of ram on the note 20 ultra 6 gigs of ram on the iphone let’s examine if if they will keep everything within the memory or not our first app remains there moving on to phone dialer settings spotify alto game excellent ram management thus far on both phones cora reddit asphalt 9.

which is really refresh on both of those two devices for a few reason on the iphone it felt more like an online refresh whereas note 20 ultra quite loaded this game completely and you’ll see instagram still there on both phones subway surfers still there [Music] twitter pubg mobile and both phones are still keeping this within the memory i feel no no actually no tony ultra has refreshed the sport whereas iphone has kind of kept it it’s just a in-app exit from the stage so uh two refreshes on the note 20 ultra despite having 12 gigs of ram that’s very interesting I even have to mention this is often far and away the simplest ram management i’ve ever seen on an iphone and lastly we are back to the browsers what a speed test battle guys I even have to mention this was only one aspect of this comparison as always there are other things like efficiency and neural processing that’s new with the a14 chip still the competition was really really close the note 20 ultra managed to open applications just about most of applications faster a touch bit faster than the a14 i need to say i’m really really impressed by the ram management on the iphone because i always had refreshes within the past speed test videos so this point around 6 gb ram on the iphone may be a lot so yeah let me know what you think that about this test within the comment section below and if you would like me to try to to another comparison make certain to comment that also thereupon being said i’ll catch you guys within the next one peace out

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