iphone 12  world’s fastest compact phone ever made is coming what’s up guys so the iphone 12 launch is coming very soon

iPhone 12  - World's fastest compact Phone Ever !

which is why we have probably one of the most interesting leaks on the menu first of the actual naming of the iphone 12 models according to the latest leak the 6.7 inch model will be called as the iphone 12 pro max making it the most biggest iphone model ever made then we have the 6.1 inch iphone 12 pro model then we have another 6.1 inch iphone 12 model this is going to be the successor to the iphone 11 seems like apple is calling this just iphone 12 not iphone 12 plus or 12 max as per latest leak and then the 5.4 inchmodel will be called as iphone 12 mini not iphone mini iphone 12 mini .

this is the model that everyone is expecting to absolutely break the sales records this is not the first time apple has used the name mini in their product. if you guys remember the apple ipad mini i must say that mini absolutely does justice to this phone because it’s going to be apple’s most compact iphone ever in fact it’s going to be the most compact phone on the market .

it’s even smaller than the 2020 iphone se all thanks to those slimmer bezels now because it is 5.4 inch the notch will be a bit narrow for some reason android brands have given up on compact phones giving apple the full advantage we’ve got some beautiful renders from apple eye designer and wow it looks absolutely premium with those boxy sides of course it’s going to be fully 5g ready all premium gloss look oled display apple a14 five or six exciting colors along with flagship cameras all for 6.99 starting price now samsung has come out with their own surprise the galaxy s20 fe is actually on sale for 6.99 and it’s coming with 120 years display it’s not a compact phone it’s using 6.5 inch display .

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it’s also using a plastic body it’s definitely not a proper compact or a mini phone which again may give iphone 12 a specific boost for anyone who’s in this range i personally know a lot of people who would just love to have a small screen phone because you just don’t find it anywhere else on the market so i feel like it’s going to be a great competition as always incredibly amazing move from samsung what you’re seeing right now is the iphone 12 mini dummy model so this is how it’s gonna look closer to real life in real life and i have to say it is pretty handy now before we move forward .

The brand new braided lightning to usb c cable and in case you don’t know apple is getting rid of charger and headphones out of the box in order to cut down the price but at least they’ve made their lightning to usb c cable a lot more higher quality than before so it might last you longer now .

we may have finally got the actual reason why apple dish the chargers and headphones out of the box introducing apple eye sandals coming out really soon on your nearest apple store .

this is this is just a joke this is not happening these things seems like they came straight from hell moving on to the actual news we might have a proper date of iphone 12 announcement according to the information coming from a ceo of a mobile operator in the uk the iphone 12 is just a few days away from its official announcement and it’s gonna pack the fastest 5g speeds mac rumors have further reported that the iphone 12 series might get announced on october 13th that could be the day

iPhone 12  - World's fastest compact Phone Ever !

where apple will host the event online as always this is the same date that john prosser predicted as well according to john 16 october will be the pre-orders date with devices coming in stores on october 23rd also we have a big report coming for the future this is coming from one of the best apple leaks around the planet ming chico according to co apple is planning to debut mini led display on the next ipad pro in fact there are currently total six devices in development with a mini led display for those who don’t know mini led can achieve the same level of colors and blacks as an oled display but it can achieve higher levels of peak brightness and can also be immune to screen burn issue.

that we see in the oled displays with the long term use a mini led on the ipad pro with 120 hertz promotion is a crazy crazy combo it’s gonna be incredibly bright display and it’s definitely gonna be a big upgrade over the lcd displays now this is for the 2021 ipad pro model other rumored apple devices with the mini led display includes imac pro 27 inch model ipad 7.9 inch 16 inch macbook pro and 14 inch macbook pro makeshift further says that in 2021 30 to 40 of ipad shipment will be with mini led displays and about 20 to 30 number for the max apple is definitely trying its best to shift to this new deck as quickly as they can so that is all the latest apple news be sure to

updates i gotta say the iphone 12 mini is a one special kind of beast let me know your thoughts in the comment section below .

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