OnePlus 8 Glacial Green/Hands On Review

OnePlus 8 Glacial Green/Hands On Review

OnePlus 8 Glacial Green/Hands On Review let’s get started with my review and first impressions of the 1+8 see the box of the 1+8 and as you can see it comes in this really long box like the oneplus 70 and e1 plus 70 proof on the front of the box you’ve got the 8 written nothing else very minimal on the left-hand side and the right-hand side we’ve got the oneplus branding and if you turn to the back you’ve got some specifications written about this phone as you can see I’ve got the 8 128gb version of this phone you’ve got the qualcomm snapdragon logo Dolby Atmos logo and a couple of other information here you’ve got the retail price of this phone what things do you get inside the box and you also have some other information too but anyways I’m just gonna go straight in and unbox this phone and see.


what all do we get inside so inside the box the first thing that you see is the 1+8 and as you can see it’s sitting nicely in this plastic wrap as you can see I have the Glacial green color on this phone but as of now I’m gonna keep it to the side and see what else do we get here here you’ve got this small piece of cardboard inside which you’ve got a lot of things in fact it’s so stuffed I dropped the sim ejector tool as you can see but here you get the red cable club in white which is which is an exclusive program that oneplus runs you also have the Quick Start Guide warranty information you also have a paper which gives you all the information about the highest SAR values and then later on you also have some cool stickers from oneplus so I think they’re doing an app pill thing here by giving you stickers inside the box but these are basically just all the paperwork that you get with the phone below the cardboard box.


we’ve got a case for the 1+8 so this is your typical oneplus TPU case but the thing is this time you’ve got this huge never settle branding on it it’s kind of loud and I’m not sure if I like it but do let me know your opinions about it in the comments after that we’ve got the Type C 2 USB a charging and data syncing cables this supports the warp charge 30 and then you also have the warp charging 30 T so I think this is a 30 volt adapter and it can charge your phone from 0 to 50 percent in approximately 22 to 25 minutes so basically this is everything that you get inside the box you unfortunately do not get any pair of earphones I think one plus wants you to buy their Wireless z your phones pretty badly a review of that would be coming soon too but these are all the box contents.


I’m gonna throw everything to the side now and I’m gonna talk about the one plus eight so usually one plus eight as you can see I have the Glacial green color and I really like this shade it’s really different from a distance you will feel that this is a metal bag but it’s actually a frosted glass back similar to what we have seen on the oneplus 70 so on the back as well as on the front you’ve got Gorilla Glass 5 protection and the build quality here is really really good if you have held a one Plus 70 it feels very very similar and I love the form factor of the one plus eight the thing is I’ve lately been using the s20 ultra and then I’ve been using the poco x2 and meat and all of those phones they feel really heavy in the hand but the oneplus 8 comes in at 180 grams and it genuinely feels much lighter in comparison to those phones .


I really like this form factor it’s thin as well if you can see it’s quite thinner in comparison to me ten so I really like the form factor in how this phone feels in hand it’s a lightweight I can reach all the corners of the display easily and I really like this six point five five inch screen size that oneplus has gone with by one place has kept the build quality more or less the same they’ve done a major change when it comes to the display so unlike the oneplus 70 which but a regular two point five three display this time oneplus has given you the curved display like the oneplus 7 pro series and the oneplus 8 pro so on the oneplus it also you get this six point five five inch curved display so this time you will have to be a little bit careful because if you just drop this phone you might end up breaking the display it comes the screen protector pre-installed but – already scratched right out of the box but I’m just gonna replace it anyways with a tempered glass.


if you need a tempered glass for the one plus eight or the eight pro the guys that glaze dink are gonna have their UV glass very soon so do check out their website you can use the promo code gizmo also they have products for all of these phones and their UV glasses work really well with one-plus phones so yeah I am definitely gonna get to protect my 1+8 this flame if I talk about the display quality I think oneplus has improved it over the oneplus 70 as of now it’s an amulet displayed supports HDR 10 I also checked all of the apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime and you’ve gotten proper support for HDR 10 so that’s good and while I was watching a couple of clips on Netflix and on Amazon Prime.


I think oneplus has done a good job with a display but I’ll compare it with the meat and with the oneplus 70 with the oneplus 8 pro in my future advice well plus is also retained the stereo speaker setup here so on the top as well as on the bottom you’ve got this really nice stereo speaker setup and the quality from that is actually pretty good after that if I talk about the specifications the 1+8 is a Phi G enabled phone and it runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 gene and here I’ve got 8 GB of RAM there is also an Amazon exclusive 6 GB RAM variant but in the first sale I was only able to get the 8 GB variant so .

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I just went with that but you also have another 256 GB variant if you want to spend more you’ve also got a four thousand three hundred million positive battery so that’s a nice bump from the oneplus 70 because the 70 had a 3800 milliamp hours of battery and that used to last me almost just till the end of the day so I think with the 1+8 I can probably squeeze in one one and half hour of extra screen on time but I’ll report that in my full review and you also have dual channel u FS 3.0 storage on this phone so everything’s very fast and fluid like a typical oneplus phone so the build quality specifications design display everything has been a step up from the oneplus 70 but where oneplus has taken a step back is in terms of the cameras so the oneplus 70 had a forty eight megapixel IMX 586 it had a telephoto lens of wide-angle lens and it also had a special macro mode with the help of wide-angle lens that took really nice and crisp macro shots like this but then now unfortunately on the 1+8 you miss out on a telephoto lens and you get a two megapixel macro lens instead so .


I think you’re gonna get inferior portraits as well as you’re gonna get inferior macro shots on the 1+8 the primary sensor is still the same you’ve got the 48 megapixel IMX 586 even the wide-angle lens I think is the same and I’m showing you a couple of samples right now between the 1 + 8 + d1 + 17 and also between the 1 + a as well as the shall we meetin so you can figure things out for yourself but I’ll be covering the camera extensively in my dedicated camera comparisons here you also get camera2 api support so G cam is supported and you can use the G cams from one plus seven Pro 70 on this one because it’s the main primary sensor I’ve already gotten G cam here and a video should be coming in in a day or two also got video recording up to 4k 60fps there’s also optical image stabilization one plus also has this super steady video thing in the camera app and if I talk about the front-facing camera .

I think this is a 16 megapixel sensor so I think the sensor is the same as the one plus 17 but I do a couple of selfies with the me 10 and the one plus 8 and I think the 1 plus 8 does take better-looking selfies but like I said I’ll be covering the cameras extensively in my camera comparisons which should be hitting the channel very very soon after that if I talk about a couple of other things you’ve got the silence which once again you’re in the right hand side you’ve got dual SIM card support here you’ve also got the in display fingerprint sensor I think it’s the same one from the oneplus 70.


it’s fast it works really well it’s very accurate and you won’t have any problems with any of the screen protectors that you use on these phones because these are not ultrasonic sensors these are optical sensors in terms of software the phone runs on the latest version of oxygen OS and I’ve said this before oxygen OS is my best and my favorite Android UI and it just works really well with that 90 Hertz display on the 1+8 everything’s damn smooth everything’s very fluid and you get a lot of customization options you get a lot of features as well so it’s not bare-bones stock Android you get best of the both worlds you get a lot of features plus you get that speed and that fluidity of stock Android so my initial impressions of the 1+8 are actually pretty positive .


I am still yet to test the cameras because the thing is I want to compare it to the 1 plus 70 and figure out which phone is more value for money I will also be doing a detail puff G review this phone can support smooth extreme HDR extreme and given that we’ve got the snapdragon 865 the performance should be really really good so dedicated camera comparison dedicated pop G review everything’s gonna come to the channel very very soon that’s all with my unboxing and initial impressions.


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