Porsche 718 Boxster GTS 4.0 vs 718 Cayman GTS 4.0 FULL REVIEW

Porsche 718 Boxster GTS 4.0 vs 718 Cayman GTS 4.0 FULL REVIEW

The leader of displacement six cylinders naturally aspirated engine manual gearbox we’re going old school today on article fuel with a new car because so far Porsche has reserved this set up for the GT four and the spider but now 718 Boxster and 718 Cayman come as GTS 4.0  here with this special setup all about this one and exterior interior and the driving experience off the racetrack and on the racetrack with the Cayman.

so we had several versions of the box to enter came in so far later after this review you can enjoy even more here the headlamps come with xenon Aston at an optional LED in general for the Boxster and the Cayman and the GTS models have the black contrast right there and the bigger opening they have overall the sportiest scheme and of course lot of black elements on the outside and here.

we can again see the diode difference between the xenon lights you had just have the four LED daytime running lights around but the main headlamp unit here is the Zenon optionally also available with a dynamic light function and then the full LED lamps optional they are also available with the dynamic LED functions or both optionally available with dynamic lighting and you can see LED daytime running light a little bit bigger and wider also for that structure but then the main headlamp unit here is also full LED.

so again the full LED unit and the base xenon unit well I mean so many options are we on this car is so expensive but then again another option that is missing so so many things no optional even still in the GTS trim forming the 38 14 foot 4 or 1 had 72 inches is the length of the Boxster or the Cayman the only difference of course Boxster and Cayman is the roof so everything will tell you today will basically count for both vehicles besides here you can of course close the roof and it’s and I can’t move too far away with the key I don’t want respond to give you a better view.

I have to stay close to the car obviously for safety reasons that I’m not like closing it from hundred meters away and then maybe someone is getting his hands in there or something so that’s how the car just giving you a free look how it looks like with a closed top and pretty muscular especially with these 20-inch wheels so usually the GTS 4.0 setup is black 20-inch wheels here in this vehicle it’sa different option just another weird star how it looks like with non black wheels but black which would be the typical GTS time I mean it’s just metal preference.

which one you like better seethe yellow brick brake callipers here by the way these are the special ceramic brakes so you can go for them andthey’re very very expensive and of course this one is already more expensive it’s a couple of thousand euros less expensive than the spider same counts also for that came in verse gt4 but it’s also a couple of thousand euros more expensive than the normal force Lana GTS so it’s exactly in between the cool thing is of course easy and clean design lines as well as making the cars too beautiful the big air intake for the midship and the engine concept as you might remember or maybe don’t know the 911 has a rear engine concept this one near midship engine concept.

because the engine sits right below that both in the front and in the rear with the GTS models in general you have the black tinted background here so front and rear lights it’s making more aggressive look all of the black spoiler right there both for the 718 Boxster GTS and the 718 Cayman GTS and the 4.0 models have a special exhaust system of course the as you know more fume coming out so they also split it a little bit more open so usually.

it’s centralized but here it’s left and right so little bit more space in between again this is more you know bigger stance look even from this exhaust port here and suspension wise talking by the way also interesting the GTS form of omens they come with the PAS em as standard also with the other GTS balls the same list a Porsche adaptive suspension in this case here you can pick also either 20 millimeters lower or 10 millimeters lower so depending on you know how aggressive sporty you want to have it let’s do some engine talk you know in the previous generation they’re still all about the six-cylinder naturally aspirated engines but in this current generation year.

they move more towards the force than that concept and I mean you can understand it somehow because the co2 fleet emissions yes but also this supposed to be a lightweight car and somehow it also makes sense so usually you get a two-liter four-cylinder engine a flat turbo either with three and a horsepower than in the base version or in the box at T this lightweight model then there is the S model which already comes with the 2.5 liter of force enough flash turbo then with 350 horsepower same engine goes to the false and then GTS with 365 horsepower the fastest model with 4.1 seconds in the acceleration figure and then the recent GT for and the spider actually at 4.4 seconds.

this than here 4.5 seconds 400 horsepower for this 6-cylinder 4 liter of displacement 420 horsepower it would be for the GT 4 and the spider and the excavation figures is 0.1 seconds so that’s really nothing but indeed there is a big difference here from this six cylinder GTS to the 4 cylinder GTS but what’s the reason for that it’s indeed this the manual gearbox it’s not the weight the weight difference six little enforcement is just 30 kilograms so it’s nothing significantly it’s just the manual gearbox so when this one will come with the dual clutch transmission the 600 GTS will be fast and a false and a GTS at the moment it’s the way that menu gearbox comparing forces in that GTS manual gearbox for the six in that GTS manual gearbox this one here the bigger one is 0.1 seconds faster so it’s just slower overall because it was the comparison menu gearbox those are the PDK again PDK versus PDK then the more powerful engine will also win because

it’s not significantly heavier     


what about the interior of course with the convertible we can look at it a little bit better it’s easier to take a look at it instead of the doors or with the GTS scheme antara and red contour Citroen fitting to the carmine red exterior color then the carbon fibre Inlet right here and this classic sporty look Alcantara steering wheel here and the GTS package suppose the same for the force and the 6-cylinder GTS really cool the steering and the drive modes like this right there right side to control the digital instruments.

that’s just one part of digital from the instruments and the left side then for the volume control and you can already see this the big analog red gts-r p-mete left side and for the speed and the right side is then digital you can fo example also put a GPS view in there that’s of course coming quite handy as for the seats GTS as always with a guitar this microfiber surface the middle part is animal-free sadly they do use animal parts on the exterior of the seed like here which is not necessary no

one would actually feel or know the difference if it would be leather right there also for you know the box our that came in general those sport tech seats available they’re just fabric probably even cooler and summer but then when you order no the animal skin free seats then you get additional leather part somewhere else so it’s not really logical but it’s already know moving and good direction this is here the bucket seat definitely a sporty version so you can flip it actually like this as carbon fiber at the back part it’s a lightweight part and not sure if you want to store something there but you can only flip it you can not adjust the back part it will always stay upright but it’s in a good upright position because you need to sit upright anyway and most people.

when they’re sitting in the car they’re sitting upright enough but again this is an option this bucket seat usually it would come with sport seat already with the GTS sport seat but also then with the our Cantara setup and indeed have any calls on the steering wheel and on the seat is good because you slide less especially when you are for example a racetrack or in you know in the corner and something I could seat here has a little bit more support here and there which seat is the best for you it really depends on the body posture the thing is it’s such a great driving machine no matter in which version I’ve been driving the 718 but I could never find a proper seat .

Porsche 718 Boxster GTS 4.0 vs 718 Cayman GTS 4.0 FULL REVIEW

where I would say it would be long-term suitable that’s for example better in the beam values at 4 and yes you know folks that beam debris also said probably that they had the six-cylinder beam doubles at for new generation maybe was also an influence that Porsche went back here now with the six cylinders also in the 718 yeah that’s how it sometimes goes on the market a little bit back and forth so we’ll see later on the driving part how it goes like with the seating comfort here in these bucket seats usually small standard seats a little bit more open in the driving position and so on and I’m only just 86 or 6.1 and indeed it is still does fit even when I close the roof so I can do it here right now and you can see it again in life time how long it takes it doesn’t take that long and the soft top is of course pretty cool and so easy Oh attention the window goes up when you keep holding it of course so in here I still have even enough Headroom.

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when the roof is closed and at very high speeds the Cayman will be more silent on the interior maybe like 120 130 kilometers or like one you know 70 80 miles plus then the soft top really you know a little bit noisier than the closed Cayman other than that for most other speeds these are so well insulated nowadays that you don’t feel so much difference also normal Road trivac and I will tell you on the racetrack as a professional driver you feel that Cayman is more stiff you know from the body but no normally driving it’s more the question do you want an open top or not and I will say hell yes I do so seat I can just move then front and back and the steering wheel up and down in this case here the manual part here we go and by the way if you’re interested in the comparison 718 verses 911 we also have a video of that we’ll also link that so tune in to this video also later please so here’s the interior.

which is still somewhat old-school of course it’s not the newest car but it does the job definitely these vents here they have been rearranged with the reason facelift couple of years ago sports chrono package also includes this and lock locked in and also puts down the acceleration time then you have this integration of the infotainment system with apple carplay right here and you can go back to the Porsche manual like this there’s also the GPS right there the map here zooming out just a drop actually quite good and easy the system and still with a lot of you know real hot keys or the climate unit can be accessed really but quite small to reaches and then while driving seat heating and tada here is the manual gearbox six speed and you hear how crisp.

it is when you put in the gears or interest when the car is stationary so pretty amazing let’s find out about the gear ratios because it has been criticized with the GT 4 and the spider review here and there maybe like too long second gear looking forward to tested very soon and now very important information it will later also come so mom I mean if you watch through an eighth estate is already there with the dual clutch transmission with the Porsche with a PDK so this will be then a possibility also for the GT 4 and the spider but so far for manual shifting and through this but later on also then with the automatic gearbox as you know it then later or lower down here you can actually activate the wing and the exhaust note separately the PASM can put the suspension a little bit stiffer here and it’s this case for the convertible open the top I’ll close it .

some space I mean do we wanna really smoke in the 718 I’m not sure and then there’s it’s nice I can’t I recover here for the armor where you connect your smartphone with just one USB device and that’s basically it well about storage this is a problem with the car so the glovebox is almost nothing but hey there’s a USB device and additional for charging and cupholders are right here and they are yeah a little bit strange have always been especially when cornering pretty fastly with you know something with a glass button they’re not too good actually and in the side you have a very slim box and then an additional one which you can open and then maybe for sunglasses or something but yeah space is indeed very limited here I don’t have too much space in the cabin but actually 718 Boxster and even more so the 718 came in they have two trunks so the Frank and entertain the normal truck and this is actually quite versatile I mean you can even put capping trolleys in like this even works and will close so this is a height off in the front about 46,47 centimeters and in the rear even a little bit more the less than 60 and the width here is about you know almost about 70 centimeters.

so it’s actually quite cool and the last here 46 so you can get along with that actually pretty well already in the front well either from the inside left next to you when you’re sitting on the driver’s seat all and again on the key you can open also the rear trunk here we go and this is that’s a little bit easier as for the accessibility because you do not have to open this second stage of that and it does work to put a backpack in like this when you’re squeeze it just in a little bit you know this may be not the best solution maybe then like this or something put like this and this already works and it closes let’s open it once again and you see here this done the easiest solution cause it goes just a little bit faster and as for the measurements here the height in the rear is about 33 centimeters in the front 25 and the width it’s actually quite notable so this in the front end of 80 centimeters but down there this is even wider you know and also up there so this is even more than a meter so down there if you use the holes so again for two people and luggage so camera equipment and so on we didn’t have any problems and the direct seating comparison here you can see the sports ease of the GTS this is not even the base seat from the Boxster itself but already the GTS sports seat and you can see the icons are on the middle part and they’re a little bit wider.

if we compare to the bucket seats and both seats actually can be flipped and then you also have this hanger here on the top part so you can maybe if you move a little bit in the front put a jacket or something up there or maybe like a slim bag behind the seat or something and taking a test seat right here so in comparison to the bucket seat these here are a little bit more open so you can move around a little bit more freely and to me also then the most comfortable you can get for the GTS versions.

I would really stick with the base set up you get directly from the GTS so and Steven weight is of course the same so in comparison you it feels another real AK open freely to move around of course in comparison to non spotty seat you already know that a lot of shoulder support and so on and then let’s move over so this is bucket seat number one very interesting two and a half thousand euros or two two thousand seven hundred extra you can flip them yes but there’s no hanger behind maybe to put the back or something but actually they are flippable is here because they are taken from the Porsche 911 same available in the 911 pretty interesting they do free your carbon fiber already.

so they are actually already lighter a little bit but also more expensive and I mean considering for bucket seats they are still somewhat comfortable getting comfortable for the 718 not comfortable overall automotive industry you have more shoulder support right here and that also takes a little bit of weight of the lower back that could be an advantage so I think it depends also on the Nina on on the body posture if this or the base heat will be more comfortable from you know sitting in here just like a couple of seconds then you would think the more open seat is more comfortable longer run it really depends on your body which will be better than you know so um just have to take a test try it yourself I guess but it can never be you know bad to go with base seats actually because then also save the money and last but not seat last but not seats here has fun at least here the packet see number two and this is a thing over 5000 euros extra so again even more expensive than the bucket seat number.

Porsche 718 Boxster GTS 4.0 vs 718 Cayman GTS 4.0 FULL REVIEW

one and they here they cannot be flipped they are even slimmer and they are almost all full of carbon fire that’s also why they’re so expensive and you see they’re also deeper and slimmer so you really you know almost sink in them and yeah the they are very uncomfortable so um you know the other decision made my depend on your body and you can argue with the better shoulder support but they are dead slim so to me they give less support than the other bucket seat and from my height I really touched the carbon fibre hard here so where it’s not both sat so  I really like feel um you know like touching now like they are direct plastic power or the carbon fiber here so that’s really you know not recommendable


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