Samsung Galaxy S20 FE vs OnePlus 8T 

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE vs OnePlus 8T - Market Destroyed?

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE vs OnePlus 8T | which is beeter?what’s up guys the beast of the beast of the hour is here the galaxy s20 fe and it’s about to take on the oneplus 8 series including the upcoming oneplus 8t has Samsung finally challenged the oneplus value strategy let’s find that out so as i’ve said before the s20 fe is a 6.99 phone you can get the oneplus 8 for that price which will be replaced by the oneplus 8t at first but because the design is so similar to the galaxy devices.

i think it’s very fair to compare it to the galaxy s20if if you look at the oneplus design it’s very much inspired from samsung so Samsung has a flat 120 hertz 6.5 inch 1080p oled screen it’s a gorilla glass 3 display the oneplus 8 on the other hand has a 90hz display but it will get replaced with the oneplus 8t which is actually coming with a flat 120hz screen oneplus has officially confirmed this via their trailer and they also confirmed it to the verge.

that the oneplus 8t is indeed rocking a flat 120hz display it’s going to be a full hd plus screen a very color accurate oneplus says that they have received a plus rating from display made is also likely to be gorilla glass 6 protected versus the gorilla glass 3 on the s20 fe so i think the oneplus takes the cake for a overall better display one of the reasons why the galaxy s20 fe cost less is because it’s using a rigid oled display a rigid oled display is cheaper hence you see a bit of bezel on the side but overall it’s a nice display.

i just think that the oneplus will do a better job with the 80 now we have heard that there will be no 80 pro models so the only pro model is the oneplus 8 pro it costs more than 850 dollars depending on your market and uh understandably its premium has this curved edge now as i’ve said oneplus has taken a lot of inspiration from samsung lately the oneplus 8t closely resembles the samsung design moves with the camera on the side in the boxy look literally all samsung phone this year whether you pick galaxy a3s or s20 series they all have this design language oneplus 80 is following that but of course it’s gonna be more premium than the galaxy s20 fe coming with a gloss back whereas the s20 fe has plastic now on the flip side the galaxy s20 fe does offer you a wide range of colors uh total six colors so you do have a lot more variety to choose from unlike the standard oneplus 8 the s20 fe has wireless charging as well as reverse wireless charging.

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it’s also ip68 water and dust resistant something oneplus only offers on the pro model the oneplus 8t however is confirmed to rock the 65 watt fast charging which is a lot more compared to the 25 watt you see on the s20 fe now at the moment it’s not confirmed whether oneplus 80 will have wireless charging oneplus might actually make that feature exclusive to their higher pro model now apart from the design oneplus has taken some more inspiration.

when it comes to their new ui the oxygen os based on android 11 looks a lot more like one ui they’ve completely changed their look it’s looking less and less like stock android which i used to love about oneplus phone but that is completely changed some people like it some people don’t it’s a personal preference i personally don’t like this change i wish they stayed the same because that is something that made them unique samsung on the other hand has android 10 based on one ui 2.5 on the s20 fee but it will be receiving the android 11 update in the coming months based on one ui 3.0 both phones will offer three years of software updates so when it comes to the longevity of a device uh samsung has finally matched oneplus software update schedule the s20 fe packs the same camera setup as the s20 devices minus the 64 megapixel telephoto lens that is trickled down to 80 megapixel the oneplus 8t however might actually pack four cameras on the back uh with the similar camera setup as the pro lineup but with the additional macro sensor both phones can shoot 4k videos up to 60 frames per second with both front and back cameras.

i think both smartphones will deliver very well in this area you can’t go wrong with any of these when it comes to the camera although i would love to do the comparison when i get my hands on the oneplus 8t now a place where i think oneplus has an edge over Samsung in i think all the markets is that it’s shipping the oneplus 8t with the newest snapdragon 865 plus chip that you see on the 1300 note 20 ultra it’s also rumored to rock 12 gigs of ram the s20 fe offers snapdragon 865 only in 5g markets like uk europe us south korea china but some other regions like india which is a major major market they are left with the lte exodus 990 model.

which as we have seen has its limitations with gaming uh it’s not the best tip for that but still it’s a flagship chip that canpretty much handle everything for a usual smooth experience but we just want to compare which one will be the strongest that definitely goes to the oneplus 8t thanks to the 865 plus chip for all markets now when it comes to the battery both devices are said to come with a 4500 milliamp cell so these both devices are very well be the first phones on the market with a 120s display that promises a one day of battery life all in all i will say that the competition is pretty strong this is definitely the best that Samsung has put out to challenge the oneplus dominance and their value strategy i will say that the brand power of samsung is a lot more than one plus so quite a lot of people might prefer the s20 fe over the oneplus series i personally feel both phones are really really good ultimately .


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