The cities of the future “Amazon” | 2035 |Amazon the corporate that delivers your
packages to the doorstep it’s its own
airline is buying up shopping malls and              The cities of the future "Amazon" | 2035
is looking to place docking stations on
top of streetlights that drones can use
to charge their batteries as they create
deliveries all of this is often being done by
a company that’s only 25 years old.

it is Amazon’s online businesses that
have made the corporate so powerful from to IMDB and twitch there’s
also the highly profitable Amazon Web
Services which is employed by the likes of
Netflix uber Spotify and more all of
these online businesses are fueling the
money and power behind Amazon to create
new high-tech ventures for the important
world like the just walk out Amazon
go stores or putting their voice control
assistant Alexa into everything from
microwaves ovens and vacuum cleaners to
hotels and cars so what is going to amazon’s
city of the longer term appear as if a future
that will allow packages to be
teleported into your hands while your
personal assistant.

when a founder is running the corporate
they started you’ll look to the
philosophy of the founder to know
the company itself Jeff Bezos says there
are companies that are hooked in to
their customers and corporations that are
obsessed with their competitors he’s
obsessed about the purchasers one among the
great things about customers everywhere
the world they’re divinely discontent
you give them the simplest service you’ll
they like it but they always need a
little bit more.

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he likes that challenge the challenge of
giving customers lower prices faster
shipping and easier shopping and when
customers always need a bit more
that means you’re always one step
behind that’s where day 1 comes in Jeff
Bezos says it is often day 1 at Amazon
day 1 is about the willingness to create
and to pioneer because on day 2 that’s
when you become irrelevant and decline
whenever Amazon has tried to try to to
something that other companies are
already doing they need failed says Jeff
Bezos take real-world retail as an
example of Amazon’s pioneering it’s a
well-established space so how does
Amazon stand out by creating stores that

you can just walk out of together with your items
and are charged automatically online if
you want to ascertain what the Amazon City of
the future will appear as if then there are
three areas to explore the primary is
shipping how is Amazon getting to teleport
goods into your hands from creating its
own uber network of drivers to the
downtown drone beehive the second area
is their hybrid retail shopping Amazon
is not within the business of selling
products but within the business of helping
you make buying decisions
inception izing you on what to shop for and
lastly there’s Alexa the assistant that
with the utilization of your voice can control
the appliances in your kitchen operate
your car and even your bedroom
Amazon’s fleet teleporting goods with
right now shipping.

in the past Jeff Bezos and his early
team would pack books on their hands and
knees then take them to the post
office it had been a chaotic time packages
would be shipped late and packing on
tables rather than the ground
doubled their productivity now you’ve got
two day free shipping at some point free
shipping and even Amazon now the free
two-hour delivery service saving you a
trip out to the shops this is often all
possible because Amazon has been
building its own delivery system from
operating cargo ships in between China
and the u.s. to having 20,000 delivery
vans and 300 semi trucks Amazon even has
its own airline Amazon air is Amazon’s
cargo airline that has an expanding
fleet of fifty planes all of the airplanes
and trucks allow Amazon to send packages
around the US faster the packages then
end up at one among Amazon’s fulfillment
centers and to assist deliver packages
even faster .

Amazon has been buying old
shopping malls and converting them into
more shipping centers why malls because
malls are in great locations for
populated areas and they have been going
out of business due to the increase in
online shopping Amazon has over 250,000
global warehouse workers and 100
thousand robots working in these
shipping centers sorting and shipping
packages back in 2012 Amazon bought the
robotics company Kiva now called Amazon
robotics Amazon has their own robotics division

which builds autonomous robots
for its fulfillment shipping centers you
have specific robots driving goods
around and other robots made for lifting
once the packages are ready for delivery
they can be sent using one among Amazon’s
delivery vans or by its own uber fleet
Amazon has its own uber it’s called
Amazon flex and it allows people to figure
through its app by learning a batch of
Amazon deliveries that they will then
drive and deliver to people’s doorsteps
people can schedule their own working
hours a bit like how they might be
picking up passengers on uber
one day delivery has gone from a luxury
to being standard for Prime members but
as Jeff Bezos says the customer always
wants a touch bit more and now two-hour
delivery is being made possible through
Amazon Prime now
but how can Amazon get even faster by
using drones
drone delivery can hamper delivery
time to half-hour Amazon Prime air
looks to use drones which will deliver
packages under five pounds within a
15-mile radius in half-hour
in 2016 the primary primary delivery was
made in Cambridge England as Amazon had
built a major air fulfillment center in
this area and has more flexibility
there when it involves regulations
compared to within the US but the delivery
distance of the drones may be a challenge
since fulfillment centers need tons of
space they’re located outside of the
cities one Amazon patented idea is that the
flying warehouse a blimp which will fly
closer to delivery areas allowing drones
to float down with packages saving
the second patented idea is to use
street lights fitting the docking
station on top of them will allow drones
to charge their batteries and will
deliver packages through a trapdoor that
slides the package right down to street level
and the third patented idea by Amazon is
the beehive the thought is to maneuver the
fulfillment centers downtown rather than
having an outsized single story fulfillment
center outside of the town you’ve got a
tall multi-story building downtown that
drones can fly in and out of learning
packages so could the amazon city of the
future make use of tall downtown
buildings will there be alexa powered
apartment buildings and hotels.

which will have drones flying in and out of the highest     
floors dropping off deliveries or will
there be downtown amazon shipping center
buildings where the
top floors have drones coming in and out  The cities of the future "Amazon" | 2035
picking up packages and on the bottom
floor you’ve got Amazon retail stores
where people can make instant purchases
of groceries clothes and more hybrid
shopping when selling products becomes a
service with its huge delivery network
it might be said that Amazon may be a
delivery company but no Jeff Bezos says
Amazon isn’t within the delivery business
or within the business of selling products
Amazon is within the business of helping you
make shopping decisions Amazon started
by selling books it then allowed
customers to go away reviews positive or
negative now this is often standard today but
it was controversial some time past Jeff
Bezos said that book publishers didn’t
like having their books reviewed like
that which maybe Amazon should only
publish the positive reviews i think
you have to be willing to be
misunderstood if you are going to
innovate basil’s knew that the negative
reviews help people make easier and
faster buying decisions lately
companies use those negative reviews to
make their products better today there
is a whole list of Amazon’s different
offerings getting to make it easier for
people to form purchases for instance
there is Prime wardrobe a service that
will deliver clothes that you simply such as you
can try them on and return the pieces
that you don’t need then be charged
for what you retain how about personal
shopper buy prime wardrobe where
stylists choose the garments for you so
you don’t need to search and you’ll try
them on reception if you would like someone to
clean your home do home improvements do
yard work or found out your electronics
then there are Amazon home services or
how about buying a house another area
that Amazon is dipping its toes into the
service is named turnkey which can
connect you with a high rated pre-vetted
real estate agent in your area and when
you close a deal to shop for a house you’ll

receive one thousand to 5 thousand
dollars worth of Amazon products and
home services for your new home will
Amazon take this idea of helping
people buy their homes even further
another big area that Amazon has gotten
into is that the health industry there’s
Amazon business for health care where
Amazon has been supplying hospitals for
a number of years making it easier for
hospitals to form purchases while Amazon
basic care is over-the-counter
medications like painkillers cough
drops and allergy medicine that you simply can
buy on and since Amazon does
not need to spend on expensive marketing
they can have lower prices pill pack a
company that Amazon bought is a web
pharmacy that delivers prescription
medicine then there’s Alexa along
with many other things Alexa is being
developed into a healthcare assistant
that can help people manage common
illnesses and remind them to require their
medication when it involves services
that makes it easier for people to shop for
groceries there’s prime pantry and
Amazon fresh prime pantry allows you to skip
your grocery trip and buy snacks drinks
and home goods online with prime
shipping while Amazon fresh handles all
of the fresh foods like vegetables
dairy and meat with same-day delivery
and for other everyday items Amazon is
making it easier for patrons to form
buying decisions by having its own.

Amazon branded products from baby wipes
and kitchenware – keyboards cables
exercising dumbbells paper shredders and
more take amazonbasics batteries as an
example they create up 90% of the battery
sales on Amazon people are drawn to
Amazon’s own products due to the low
prices and that they trust the Amazon name
then there are private labels these are
brands that are created by Amazon
such as wickedly prime for snack foods
mama bear for baby items and happy belly
for kitchen Goods and there are over 50
amazon brands only for fashion alone for
men’s shirts you’ve got buttoned-down
Franklin and Freeman for men’s shoes and
scout and Roe for youngsters for women’s
fashion Amazon brands include lark and
row for each day and work where fashion
Luna Coalition for athletic clothing
and daily ritual for loungewear now most
people aren’t too keen on buying
clothes and lots of other items online most
people will leave to the stores online
shopping only makes up 10% of overall
shopping and for grocery shopping only
2% happens online this is often why you see
Amazon fast expanding into world
brick-and-mortar shops let’s take a step
back for a flash and appearance at Jeff Bezos.

his own personal investment into a
newspaper Bezos was hesitant in buying
the Washington Post because he didn’t
know anything about the newspaper
business but Donald Graham the owner of
the paper told him that what the
Washington Post needed wasn’t more
people who understood the newspaper
business but someone who understood the
Internet this is often what Amazon is doing to
retail they’re mixing their e-commerce
knowledge data and money with real-world
stores to make hybrid shops the
technology they need built for his or her
high-tech fulfillment centers is additionally
making its way into the stores immediately
there are 500 Whole Foods stores and for
Amazon four-star stores which sells
highly rated Amazon products there are
also 18 Amazon go stores the stores with
no cashiers or lines as cameras and
sensors track.

which products you finish up
taking and charge your Amazon account as
you leave the shop Bloomberg has
reported that there might be as many as
3,000 go stores by 2021 could there be
entire shopping malls with this
technology within the future Amazon has
already partnered with Hyundai in South
Korea in building a emporium
with the just walk out technology Amazon
right now could stock entire town
streets filled with stores they have already got
all the shop brands online from baby and
women clothing to kitchen Goods and
electronics will it’s just a matter of
time before all of them appear in buildings
that you can walk into and shop
instantly and once you walk into these
stores not only will there be no lines
and checkouts but you’ll have your own
personal assistant following you around
alexxa where is that the pasta section Alexa
does the shop have this dress and
medium Alexa your star trek assistant
we basically envision a world.                                                The cities of the future "Amazon" | 2035

where Alexa is everywhere says Priya a Bonnie

director of Amazon voice services jeff

bezos says that the inspiration for

Alexa came from the Star Trek computer

where you ask it things ask it to try to to

things for you and ask it to seek out things

typing on a screen is slow and can be

seen as a thing of the past taking its

place are going to be your voice which is fast

take smart homes with lights that you simply

can control together with your phone as an

example as Jeff Bezos says you continue to

need to find your phone open the app get

to the proper screen and switch on your

light but with Alexa you’ll simply ask

Alexa activate bedside lamp back within the

old days you’d hear the news on

the radio and you didn’t need a screen

the difference now’s that you simply are in

control together with your voice asking Alexa to

tell you the news highlights of the day

as you prepare for work and this

allows for faster processing Elon Musk

is working on ways to bridge the gap

between our brains and therefore the power of our

computers but could voice control be one

step therein direction because it allows for

faster multitasking commands you’ll

turn on the heating in your car while

you are within the kitchen you’ll unlock

your front entrance for a repair person

while at work otherwise you can preheat your

oven while you’re getting out of the

shower all by using voice commands today

Alexa has been integrated into over

20,000 devices you’ll ask Alexa to possess

the Roomba start cleaning with an echo

Auto or a car with Alexa built-in you

can ask it to open the garage door while

you approach your driveway there are

smart Wi-Fi routers in order that you’ll ask

Alexa to pause the Wi-Fi to your

children’s devices and as you prepare

for bed

you can ask Alexa to show on your

mattress warmer

amazon is functioning on making Alexa

predictive opening the blinds turning on

the coffeemaker and playing the news

headlines for you within the morning

automatically you would possibly even get to possess

a little Alexa helper follow you around

the house

Alexa take my bags to the front entrance

Amazon is reportedly performing on a

waist-high robot which will be an Alexa

on wheels they have already got robots

running their warehouses so when will

they make their way into our homes he’s

a smart door lock that’s another one among

Amazon services not only is Amazon

operating cargo ships and their own

airline they even have toes in your home

to complete the entire delivery chain so

why not have Alexa approved delivery

people that your front entrance opens for

and your mini Alexa home robot takes

care of your packages and stores them

away for you once you get home you’ll

give the Alexa helper a cup to place into

the smart dishwasher while you’re

sitting within the front room or provides it

your bags to place into your car and therefore the

day will come once you will have 100%

control over such things as your car by

using your voice

you could ask Alexa to roll up the

windows or change your destination how

about asking Alexa to assist you discover

parking spots and buy parking

something Amazon has already gotten into

would Amazon buy a auto company within the

future since it’s an enormous a part of many

people’s daily lives or will it continue

to work with car companies like Ford

BMW and Audie and program Alexa to figure

with specific features in each car Alexa

set car to sports mode and this is often

already being through with hotels you’ve got

Alexa for hospitality which turns Alexa

into your own Butler and concierge Alexa

send up two more towels

alexxa help me checkout Amazon programs

Alexa to integrate into each hotels own

network of services so rather than having

a high-tech Amazon hotel it’s

customizing and programming Alexa to

work in different hotels using the

services they need Alexa make a booking

for me at the spa this afternoon at some point

Alexa could follow you around from place

to place so if you attend a special

hotel chain it’ll know what

temperature you wish the space to be the

challenge for Amazon though is how do

they keep Alexa with you once they don’t

operate the mini computer in your pocket

your phone but with a voice assistant

you don’t need a physical screen so

Alexa could recognize your voice and

follow you around from room to room

place to put immediately

Amazon Go uses cameras and sensors to

track the grocery items you choose up and

take after you’ve got checked in with a QR

code on your phone the very fact that Amazon

doesn’t have a phone might be a benefit

it means they need to innovate in

other ways they’re pushing hard and

having Alexa programmed into existing

systems and spaces you cannot ask your

phone please send up a toothbrush since

it won’t have any idea what you’re

talking about but the Alexa within the hotel

room has been programmed to figure with

the hotel’s computers or even having a

physical device that’s on you is that the

way to go and it could login and sync

with specific Alexa services once you go

to places like a bedroom or when

you are in an Amazon go store since you

don’t need a screen this might pave the

way for completely different devices

could Alexa be sewn into our clothes or

how a few little lapel pin that clips

onto your shirt just like the Star Trek comms

badge Amazon has started selling by

invitation only the echo loop which may be a

ring and echo buds which are earphones

both of which you’ll use with Alexa say

to order an uber to your location one

day within the future you’ll be walking

down the road and travel by all types of

stores that haven’t any lines and as you

look up you see drones getting into and out

of the buildings making deliveries you

walk into a store and as you check out the

clothes you ask Alexa are you able to ask them

to bring this to me during a small back at

home you ask Alexa order my weekly



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