The World after COVID-19

The World after COVID-19 Divorce times can give people more information about human relationships as separation and separation eliminate these feelings can lead to closer intimacy and a great desire to give birth leading to the birth of a young child by 2021 or as.

The World after COVID-19

people become accustomed to being alone can find comfort in themselves. is natural so outsiders may continue to travel extensively in tents and nature walks around the world handshake can also be partially modified with many hygiene practices such as foot tap or bowing in progress and video calls and reality reality people will spend more time with their loved.

ones especially older ones online location voice recognition and motion sensory companies will take place for private business conferences and online video calls that save money and time even though it is good to reduce costs s and the environment this change will significantly reduce public transport will also decrease in popularity as the public avoids contact with strangers.

while meetings go online some businesses will retire permanently or reduce their facilities Home-based offices will be on the rise as businesses re-employ to keep floating to let key employees go and reorganize their staff to become more efficient troops although this will increase long-term efficiency and quickly increase unemployment in the United States unemployment rate from 4.4 percent. in March to 14.7 percent in April global unemployment is expected to rise by the end of 2020 and decrease slightly.

The World after COVID-19

In the next few years most of us will be struggling to find jobs. Some companies that will not survive the recession hurt JC Penney j.crew and many other companies have applied for a moratorium on the demolition of Chapter 11 stores across the country to restructure their debts and business issues.

many big ones will unfortunately cease to exist unfortunately small businesses suffer and in our area a popular movie theater has permanently closed its doors to keep it afloat. Restaurants will change to take up permanent connections with emergency delivery services

Some governments and leaders are quickly taking over power in Hungary. Israeli Prime Minister gets close to dictatorship Thailand government now can process media is definitely helpful in containing virus but it is worrying that in the aftermath of this epidemic these emergency measures will remain in the hope that governments can solve the current drug problem only pharmaceutical companies will only produce.

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The drug if they can ensure its benefits this poses a serious Public Health problem and helped contribute to the shortage. future governments will certainly increase their involvement in the pharmaceutical industry that regulates the formulation of essential drugs and drugs in the forthcoming elections.

The World after COVID-19

Voting days could turn into voting months when people cast their ballots or electronically vice versa. they deny goods and services companies to ensure that this does not happen and companies are move their factories to the supply lines close to home .

even though the epidemic is causing serious damage introduces positive change doctors and nurses are respected for his courage and sacrifice for the virus by introducing a common enemy uniting people around the world to reduce unfortunate segregation even though viruses -100 hatred among Asian Americans every day innocent people were spit on on suspicion of the virus and openly attacked unfortunately driven by the fear of coronavirus.

that we can see the rise of anti-Chinese and Asian ideas now returning to good results and pollution has decreased I may have seen clear Vine blue in Beijing it is possible that once the world recovers people will have taken a greater appreciation for nature and will fight for change in the end of education.

who goes to be seen as a personal student i know that self-study online does not work but it will definitely help traditional education in the future in the delivery of more content and experiments will be seen if you enjoyed this video it would be amazing if you like and subscribe and remember to view ideas and join chat thanks for reading and see you next time.

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